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Kibwe Trim & Joslyn Pennywell

My Great Big Live Wedding with David Tutera

Kibwe Trim (@ktrim54) is a Former Pro Basketball Player (6'10) from Trinidad and Tobago.  Joslyn Pennywell (@joslynpennywell) is a former America's Next Top Model Contestant (5'11) and product specialist from Lucky, Louisiana. 

Kibwe is the President and Founder of a non-profit organization called The DreamChaser International Foundation (@dcifoundation) that provides tutoring, mentoring and financial aid to young people all over the globe. He is also the Founder of a social networking company called LA Lime (@l.a.lime) that helps build personal and business networks. Kibwe also wrote a book titled "From Nerd to Pro." He is a public speaker that speaks to both youth and corporate audiences.  His personality is what drew him to his partner Joslyn who works as a Product Specialist.  She is also a writer and has produced several projects. One of Joslyn’s short films is a romantic comedy about dating in LA titled “Hope 4 Dating in LA."  Joslyn discovered that there is hope for dating in LA when she met Kibwe.  Joslyn & Kibwe are both community leaders that love giving back to their communities.  The couple is currently working on their “One World, One Globe” campaign that will allow a team of people to give aid to different countries in need.  Both are very cultured, family oriented, and love giving back.  These two selfless individuals who truly believe in helping others deserve to have a special day dedicated to them.  Joslyn is also working on her book and plans on publishing it early in 2019.  

They will be married on March 19, 2019 and will share their wedding live on a new hit wedding show titled “My Great Big Live Wedding With David Tutera” set to premiere on the Lifetime Network.